How do I file a Complaint?

Suspected code violations can be reported online.

Start a Service Report

Step by Step process to submit complaint

1.    Choose a Category: “Buildings Complaints – “Working without permits” or “Neighborhood Improvement Services”. This selection will route the complaint to the proper department.

Step 2

2.    Next choose a Subcategory:

    Working without a Permit 

    Junk & Debris

    Non-Complaint Junk & Debris

    High Grass & Weeds

    Junk/Abandoned Vehicle(s)

    Substandard Structure(s) 

    Miscellaneous Complaint(s)

    This selection will route the complaint to an assigned investigator.

Step 3

3.    Next enter the location of complaint using the “Add a location to your request” mapping. It is easier if you use the “Locate by Map” feature and Toggle to full screen and enlarge the map to locate the exact location of the complaint. 

    Please note that without an address, we cannot perform a site visit and may Decline the complaint. 

    The “Locate by Address” will only work if the location has previously been entered into the system, such as by requesting a permit or recently constructed. Older homes may not be in the system.

Step 4Step 5

4.    Next enter a Description of the complaint. This assists the investigator in ensuring your complaint is located and properly evaluated. Attaching an image is great if you can do that!

Step 6

5.    Next enter your Contact Information.

    If you choose to Remain Anonymous you will not receive any notifications of progress or resolution. 

    If you enter your Name, Email and Phone number you will receive email notifications of progress or resolution in real-time as the complaint progresses. 

6.    Next answer the Security Code question and Submit the Request. 

Step 7

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