What is the cost to get onto the dike?

During the summer months (first weekend in March to last weekend in October) there is a $10 charge per vehicle to enter the dike on weekends. It is free during the winter months and summer weekdays (Mondays through Thursdays, unless they are holidays).

On holiday weekends (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the Fourth of July and Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday on Memorial Day and Labor Day) the fee will be $20 per vehicle per day.

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1. What is the cost to get onto the dike?
2. Is it $10 per person or vehicle on weekends during the summer?
3. Can I drive onto the levee (Skyline Drive) and not pay during summer weekends?
4. Can I walk onto the dike and not pay during the summer?
5. What form of payment is acceptable for the fee?