Mayor's Office of Communications

Ceremonial Documents Policies And Procedures

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  • Proclamation
  • Letter of Welcome
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Mayor's Lighthouse Award 


A proclamation is an official city document signed by both the Mayor and the City Secretary that proclaims a day in honor of a significant person, event, occasion, or cause. Proclamations will have the official city seal affixed to it. Some examples are listed, but not limited to only those below.

  • Municipal / Civic celebrations
  • Significant events of Texas City based organizations or companies
  • Charitable events or fundraisers benefiting citizens of the city of Texas City
  • Retirements
  • Awareness day / week / month 

Proclamation Guidelines 

  • Must be requested at least 14 days prior to event
  • Subject must be a Texas City resident or an event / cause benefitting the citizens of Texas City
  • Significant Birthdays of 75 and beyond (5 year intervals, and ANY year beyond 90)
  • Special events or anniversaries of Texas City based organizations or companies. Groups outside of Texas City that benefit our citizenry may be considered. 
  • Significant clergy and house of worship anniversaries (5 year intervals at 10 years and beyond)
  • Significant wedding anniversaries (5 year intervals at 40 years and beyond)
  • Fundraisers / donations of non-profit organizations benefiting citizens of Texas City
  • Can be in paragraph or whereas format

Please complete the Proclamation request form


A Letter of Welcome is an official document from the City of Texas City that may be issued for a special occasions (mentioned but not limited to):

    Family Reunions
    Major Conferences/Seminars 
    Special event or grand opening in the city of Texas City  


Recognition/Appreciation/Merit:  Awarded to individuals or organizations for significant accomplishments and achievements. (mentioned but not limited to)

    Boy/Girl Scout rank promotion
    Scholastic or athletic achievement 
    Long term employees 
    Job promotions
    Outstanding contributions 
    Book releases 
    Notable service to community
    Acts of heroism/valor