Genre/SubjectSubgenre/TopicName of Book List
FictionAwardsAward Winning (February 2017) (PDF)

ArtistsArtistry and Musicality: Fiction featuring Artists (November 2021) (PDF)

YALSA's Teens' Top TenTeens' Top Ten Titles of 2018 (December 2018) (PDF)
Teens' Top Ten Titles of 2020 (January 2021) (PDF)
Teens' Top Ten Titles and Nominees of 2021 (January 2022) (PDF)
Teens' Top Ten Titles of 2022 (January 2023)

Alex Award WinnersAlex Award Winners of 2022 (Nov. 2022) (PDF)

General FictionAll Around the World (October 2015) (PDF)
Get Ready to Cry: Tearjerkers (April 2019) (PDF)
Real Life: Contemporary Reads (May 2021) (PDF)
Vacations: Fiction feat. Voyages and Travelling (July 2021) (PDF)
Feel Good Reads (August 2021) (PDF)
Books by the Numbers: Titles with Numbers (January 2021) (PDF)
Beloved Teen Reads with One Star Reviews (February 2022) (PDF)
Judging a Book by its Cover: Eye-Catching Teen Reads (March 2022)
In Need of a Laugh: Humorous Reads for Teens (April 2022)
Caps & Gowns: Senior Year & Graduation Stories (May 2022) (PDF)
Books with no Checkouts (July 2022) (PDF)
Starting a New Series (Sept. 2022) (PDF)
Good Reads: Delicious Reads for Teens (March 2023)
Finding Your Genre and Next Great Read (April 2023)(PDF)
Summer Reads (June 2023) (PDF)
Books featuring Libraries & Bookstores (August 2023)
Gothic Reads for Teens (PDF) (Sept. 2023)

Black History MonthBlack History Month: Fiction with Black Leads (February 2021) (PDF)
Black Joy: Books featuring Black Protagonists (February 2022)

FamiliesDysfunctional Families (November 2016) (PDF)

Future LifeLife after Death (November 2018) (PDF)

ShakespeareThe Bard's in the Building (February 2019) (PDF)

Relationships (platonic and romantic)No Need for Romance (May 2019) (PDF)
Relationships: Of Friendships, Families, and Romances (February 2021) (PDF)
Romantic Reads for Teens (February 2023) (PDF)
Platonic Reads for Teens (February 2023) (PDF)

AdventureFor Those Who Seek Adventure (March 2021) (PDF)

Girl-Centric Fiction
Women's History Month (March 2021) (PDF)
HERstory: In Honor of Women's History Month (March 2022)(PDF)

Pride Month 2021 (June 2021) (PDF)
Pride Month 2019 (June 2019) (PDF)
Pride Month 2022 (June 2022) (PDF)

MythologyMythology (October 2018) (PDF)
Myths & Legends (May 2023)(PDF)

WinterCool Reads (December 2015) (PDF)

SurvivalTeen vs. Wild (October 2015) (PDF)

Movies Based on BooksNever Judge a Book by Its Movie 2018 (PDF)
Never Judge a Book by Its Movie (2016) (PDF)
Off the Pages to the Big (and Little) Screen (August 2022) (PDF)
Books Seen on TV & in Theaters (July 2023)

Magical RealismMagical Realism Reads (Nov. 2022) (PDF)

Mental HealthMental Health Reads (Dec. 2022) (PDF)

Banned (and Challenged) BooksBanned Books Week 2021 (September - October 2021) (PDF)

Genre/SubjectSubgenre/TopicName of Book List
NonfictionPersonal StoriesA Life Full of Memories: Memoirs and Biographies (August 2021) (PDF)

National Novel Writing Month Get Writing: Resources for National Novel Writing Month (November 2021) (PDF)

Genre/SubjectSubgenre/TopicName of Book List
Paranormal FantasyVampires
Books that Bite: Vampires (January 2017) (PDF)
Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks (September 2016) (PDF)

Genre/SubjectSubgenre/TopicName of Book List
MysterySuspense/ThrillerThrills and Chills (January 2019) (PDF)

Genre/SubjectSubgenre/TopicName of Book List
FantasyFairy TalesLong Ago: Fairy Tale Retellings (September 2021) (PDF)
Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tale Retellings (March 2020) (PDF)
Fairy Tales Reads: Classic and Modern (May 2023)(PDF)

Name of Book List
DystopiaDystopia (Annotated)Dystopias (February 2017) (PDF)

Genre/SubjectSubgenre/TopicName of Book List
Graphic NovelsGraphic NovelsYA Graphic Novels and Manga (July 2018) (PDF)

Genre/SubjectSubgenre/TopicName of Book List
HolidayHoliday FictionHoliday Fiction (January 2017) (PDF)

Genre/SubjectSubgenre/TopicName of Book List
HorrorHorrorChills & Thrills: True Crime Reads (October 2022) (PDF)
Spine-chilling Stories (October 2022) (PDF)
In for a Scare: Horror and Thriller Fiction (October 2021) (PDF)
The Horror, The Horror! (September 2016) (PDF)

Genre/SubjectSubgenre/TopicName of Book List
ComedyParanormal ComedyParanormal Comedy (October 2015) (PDF)

General ComedyThe Best Medicine (May 2020) (PDF)

Genre/SubjectSubgenre/TopicName of Book List
PeopleThe Rich and Famous
Larger Than Life (November 2016) (PDF)
Royal Reads (January 2023)

Diverse ReadsIn Another's Shoes: Diverse Reads (April 2021) (PDF)
Crossing Borders: Stories from Around the World (May 2022) (PDF)
Heritage MonthsFiction featuring Jewish-Americans, Haitian-Americans, and Asian Pacific Americans (May 2021) (PDF)

Genre/SubjectSubgenre/TopicName of Book List
PoetryBooks in Verse
Books in Verse Part 1 (March 2019) (PDF)
Books in Verse Part 2 (March 2019) (PDF)

Poetry Writing MonthNational Poetry (Writing) Month (April 2021) (PDF)

Genre/SubjectSubgenre/TopicName of Book List
Science FictionTime TravelBack in Time (November 2015) (PDF)

Futuristic FictionTime Will Tell (February 2020) (PDF)