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Texas City History Online

To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Texas City, Moore Memorial Public Library created a permanent online historical exhibit about Texas City's history. This online exhibit was created by the library staff over a two-year time period.

To develop the articles, staff used:

  • Print resources from our collection, archives and vertical file (including some materials donated to the library by community members)
  • Authoritative sources available through the Internet
  • Materials borrowed through interlibrary loan from other institutions

The exhibit has been designed with multiple and flexible access points, to accommodate varying levels and types of interest. Individuals can explore the exhibit by choosing specific topics of historical interest or proceed chronologically through the full span of Texas City history. For those who simply wish to view historical photographs, we have included a photo gallery of over 240 pictures. Users who would like a short, historical recap of the most important events, along with a sample of historical photographs from a particular time period, can choose the "Decades" option.

We envision this exhibit as a permanent record of the city's history. We hope to update and add new material to it as additional historical information and/or sources come to our attention, and as new historical events unfold. We have designed the exhibit to be a comprehensive overview of Texas City history as well as a photographic scrapbook of life in this community over the last 120 years.

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