Rifle / Pistol Rules

Following are the field rules for Rifle and Pistol. Range Master has the authority to evict anyone from the shooting range for any violation of these rules without refunds. If you have any questions, call 409-643-5990.

  1. Positive identification required.
  2. Shoes and shirt must be worn.
  3. No profane or abusive language.
  4. Intoxicants and horseplay are prohibited.
  5. Illegal firearms are prohibited. (Bump fire stocked, BB and pellet, binary triggered, fully automatics, no sights)
  6. Shoot at approved targets only. (No face targets allowed.)
  7. No holsters allowed at the range.
  8. Know how the gun operates.
  9. Be sure your gun and ammunition are compatible.
  10. The Texas City Municipal Shooting Range recommends that you wear eye and ear protection to prevent injury while shooting, but it is not mandatory.
  11. All minors 17 years or younger will be accompanied by a parent or guardian. While the minor is firing or handling a firearm, the parent or guardian shall stay within the immediate area and shall not fire or handle another firearm.
  12. Weapons must be unloaded with the breech open when brought on the range or while persons are down range.
  13. Keep the action open and the gun unloaded until ready to use.
  14. Weapons must be pointed down range at all times.
  15. Do not point any weapon at anyone whether the weapon is loaded or unloaded.
  16. Shoot only from the firing line and respect the rights of others.
  17. Be sure of your target and what is beyond.
  18. Shooting intervals are 15 minutes or at the discretion of the Range Master.
  19. Must follow the Range Master's directions and announcements of "Fire" and "Cease Fire."
  20. Do not go down range unless told to do so by the Range Master.
  21. Notify the Range Master for any assistance or for any malfunctions that might have occurred.
  22. Do not handle weapons while persons are down range.
  23. Shooting prohibited except during officially supervised hours.
  24. Empty brass becomes property of the Texas City Municipal Shooting Range, but you may collect your own brass.
  25. The Texas City Municipal Shooting Range will not be responsible for any accidental injuries, lost items, defective or malfunctions of weapons or ammunition.