Nicholas Finan
Executive Director of Management Services

You've seen the editorials before, and hopefully you have seen the advertisements about Texas City's support of its small businesses. It is a simple concept, where the City, the Chamber, and the Texas City Economic Development Corporation work with the local newspapers and small businesses to encourage people to shop in the small businesses in Texas City. The large retail and service businesses do a great job of promoting their businesses, but the small businesses often have less funds to do promotion and work more from word of mouth. Word of mouth is good, but often is slower and misses a large portion of the market.

Our latest advertisement in the local newspapers is an ad saying, "Calling All Businesses!" It is crucial that we publicize those businesses that want to get a jump on the holiday season and have customers come to them before they flock to the big malls and retail centers on Black Friday. We need businesses that want to promote their specialties, their unique services or products, and demonstrate the extra care and customer service they provide. We have a critical deadline of November 3rd to meet all advertising deadlines and to get posters out listing those participating businesses. So, as a willing participant, for only $25, your business will be included in email blasts from the City and Chamber (even if not a member), you will be included in newspaper ads, a shopping party bus will travel to several participating strip centers just to carry shoppers on November 18th evening (so make sure you and your neighbors join), there will be posters with your business name and address, bright flags indicating you are a participating business, you will be on the ShopTexasCity Facebook page, City web page, and local Cable Channels 16 and 17.

Just host a fun open house on Small Business Tuesday and encourage your regular customers to come by. Combine your normal Holiday ads with this event and stretch your advertising dollars to attract new customers. Make the kick off of the Holiday Shopping season fun, festive, and prosperous for your customers and you. For the past three years, Small Business Tuesday has been a fun event. What makes this event special are the small businesses. With the enthusiastic participation of Texas City's small businesses, we can make this best year yet! Call before November 3rd and sign up.

Contact Justin Herter at 409-643-5926 or by email.