Welcome to our All-American community. This artist page illustrates the best assets of Texas City - our children, our families, our parks and our memories. Volunteers and a public/private partnership took Goals 2000 plans and improved the natural beauty of our surroundings by adding park amenities and enhancements to enrich their appearance, functionality, and the historical significance of our community established in 1893.

Art makes our community more livable and we invite our guests to enjoy our recreational and cultural facilities, making your visit a most memorable event.

Texas City has provided its residents and our guests with an array of statuary designed to excite just about everyone - from the very young to young at heart. Whether it's the majestic Memorial Fountain at Memorial Park, or the popular Phoenix Fountain adorning the Charles T. Doyle Convention Center, each fountain adds its unique sense of elegance, freshness, and renewal to our beautiful community. Enjoy!

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Location Map of the Artwork

Note: artwork located at the Charles T. Doyle Convention Center and surrounding facilities are too numerous to be depicted on the following map. Feel free to stop and admire the many treasures on display in these areas!

1. Exit 16 from Interstate 45
2. Carver Park
3. Bayou Golf Club
4. Memorial Park
5. Fire Station

6. Godard Park
7. Bay Street Park
8. Heritage Square
9. Pioneer Park
10. Noble Park

11. Texas City High School Administration
12. Texas City High School
13. City Hall/Library
14. Doyle Convention Center/Nessler Center
15. Lowry Center

Location Map of statue Artwork