Park Rules

The City of Texas City Recreation and Tourism Department strives to manage a safe, clean and attractive park system. However, City Government needs the assistance of all citizens to curtail facility misuse and vandalism.

Parks are for people! Motor vehicles and horses are forbidden by city ordinance. Exceptions are licensed vehicles on park roads and horses at Kohfeldt Riding Arena.

  1. Speeding, Littering and Vandalism: the speed limit on park roads is 15 miles per hour. Report violations immediately to the Texas City Police Department.
  2. Supervision: pre-school children should be accompanied by parents to all playgrounds. The Department does not maintain playground supervisors. Any irregular activity or conduct should be promptly reported to the Texas City Police Department.
  3. Hours: parks are open from 7 am to 10 pm daily. Park hours are posted at each park in the city. In the event no signs are posted at a particular park, that park will be closed at 10 pm. The exceptions to the hours posted will be for activities that have been approved by the City Park, Recreation and Tourism Director.
  4. Paintball: prohibited in all parks.
  5. All use is first-come-first served. Reservations are not taken.