Online Texas Databases

  • Handbook of Texas: A multidisciplinary encyclopedia of Texas history, geography, and culture.
  • Library of Texas: Searches through the catalogs of more than 100 public libraries, 60 academic libraries and 40 online databases. A service of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
  • Texas Digital Sanborn Maps: Digital Sanborn® Maps (1867 to 1970) delivers detailed property and land-use records that provide an unparalleled picture of life in American towns and cities. The maps provide a wealth of information, such as building outline, size and shape, windows and doors, street and sidewalk widths, boundaries, and often include details on construction materials and building use; and also depict pipelines, railroads, wells, water mains, dumps, and other features likely to affect the property's vulnerability to earthquake, fire, and flood.
  • Texas Reference Center: More than 80 full-text journals and books about Texas history, ethnic and cultural diversity, gender studies, literature, public health, business as well as home and garden and sports and leisure.