New Accounts & Transfers

New and transfer water accounts for the City of Texas City are required to have the following:

  • Rental/Lease agreement (between lessee and lessor/owner/property management company); if one is not available, a written agreement between the legal owner and renter(s) indicating:
    • Date of move in/out, location
    • Owner's name(s)
    • Renter name(s)
    • Telephone number of owner/landlord
  • Closing papers: from owner of property (settlement page) or check CAD internet location for owner's verification
  • Copy of the current driver's license (new accounts only)
  • A deposit:
    • Residential deposits are $150 for each open account
    • Please call the Utility Billing Department for a quote on commercial deposits
    • All forms of payment are accepted except for American Express
  • A contract for service (new accounts only):
  • If the applicant or renters/leasers have outstanding water account balances, these amounts must be paid in full prior to any water service to begin or transfer to new location
  • Transfer fee of $25 shall be paid at time of transfer

Unable to Come to Office

If you are unable to come to the office in person, please email the required documentation to Irene Fattig, the Customer Service Supervisor and call the Utility Billing Department to pay the deposit over the phone.

There is a $5 charge to pay over the phone with a credit/debit card.