Garbage Service Rates

Beginning on February 1, 2019, the new residential garbage collection fee will be $24 per month ($22 for seniors age 65 and up). Residents may request an additional garbage cart by calling Public Works at (409) 643-5810. Thank you.

Why the Increase?

Texas City had not raised garbage collection rates since 2012, despite the landfill and private hauling companies passing several price increases to the City over the years. This adjustment brings the City closer to covering the actual cost to collect residential waste and to provide many other solid waste services not offered by other communities.

When comparing to other cities, consider the level of service. Texas City provides the most comprehensive solid waste service in the greater-Houston area, including:

  • Weekly unbundled brush collection
  • Weekly bulky waste collection
  • Garbage collection twice per week
  • Daily access to the Biosphere Recycling Center