The Hobgood Family

David Hobgood was born in 1848 in Alabama. He travelled between Texas and Alabama in the 1870s. He worked as one of the Butler Ranch cowboys on the Chisholm Trail in 1873. He returned to Colbert County, Alabama in 1875 to marry Ellen Bell, the daughter of Norvell Bell and Catherine Piper (later arrivals to the 1867 Settlement in the 1870s). Hobgood moved his family to Galveston County during the 1870s.30 While working on the Butler Ranch, Hobgood met Calvin Bell, Thomas Caldwell, Kneeland Britton and his two sons, Thomas and William Britton.

The Hobgood's remained on the Butler Ranch until the late 1880s before moving to the 1867 Settlement.31 After his time as a cowboy ended, Hobgood became a railroad porter for the Missouri and Pacific Railroad. The Hobgood's had seven children. Their eldest daughter, Millie, married into the Calvin Bell family and another daughter, Pearl, married into the Britton family.32


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David Hobgood

David Hobgood