Zoom Instructions

Zoom Meeting Information

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Instructions & Rules

  1. Download the zoom app at least 24 hours before your court hearing
  2. Log in at least 15 minutes before the hearing begins; once the hearing starts we will not be able to provide technical assistance
  3. Hearing participants are required to change your screen name to your legal name for the record
  4. If you are not a court participant change your screen name to "guest" (guests will remain muted throughout)
  5. Virtual screens are not recommended unless you have a strong, reliable internet connection
  6. Hearing participants are required to have both audio and video capabilities for the entire hearing
  7. Hearing participants must remain on screen at all times during the hearing unless you are dismissed by the judge
  8. There will be no breakout rooms provided
  9. Make sure you are in a quiet place without distractions
  10. Guests should remain muted during the hearing
  11. Hearings shall not be recorded by participants or guests
  12. Screen shots or screen captures are not allowed
  13. You may not participate in a Zoom hearing while operating a motor vehicle
  14. All court conduct rules for in person hearings will apply to Zoom hearings