Chronology of Texas City

  1. 1850s to 1890s
  2. 1900s
  3. 1910s
  4. 1920s
  5. 1930s
  6. 1940s
  7. 1950s
  8. 1960s
  9. 1970s
  10. 1980s
  11. 1990s
  12. 2000s
  13. 2010s

1850s to 1890s

  • 1854: U.S. government built a light house near the current base of the Texas City Dike.
  • 1878: U.S. Post office, named Shoal Point, was opened.
  • 1893: A consortium of investors formed the Texas City Improvement Company, and filed a plat of the early community.
  • 1893: The Texas City Post Office was opened. Shoal Point Post Office was closed.
  • 1893: The railroad link with Texas City was established.
  • 1896: A mill with an elevator (Texas City Mill and Elevator company) opened. Docks were built.
  • 1897: Texas City Improvement Company declared bankruptcy and reorganized into the Texas City Company (later the Mainland Company) and the Texas City Terminal Company (later the Texas City Terminal Railroad).