Deferred Disposition

Eligibility Requirements

  • The judge may, at the judge's sole discretion, defer disposition on most cases.
  • The holder of a commercial driver's license is not eligible for deferred disposition on moving traffic violations.
  • Costs must be paid when the court grants deferred.
  • Receive no additional citations for the term of the deferred.
  • If you complete the required terms, the case is dismissed, and the court will impose a special expense fee not to exceed the maximum fine amount authorized by state law.
  • The deferred period cannot exceed 180 days.
  • The request must be in person, by counsel, by certified mail or by email. (If under 17, you must appear in open court with a parent or guardian to make the request.)

If you failed to appear on or before your original court date that was on your citation you may not be eligible for a deferral under the terms that are listed. Please contact the Municipal Court for more information by calling 409-643-5800.

Deferred Disposition Cost / Terms

Accidents$325 or more180 days
Speeding 1 to 20 Miles Over$30090 days
Speeding 21 to 25 Miles Over$300120 days
Speeding 26 to 35 Miles Over$325180 days and Driving Safety Course
Speeding 35 or More Miles OverN/AN/A
All Other Moving Violations$30090 days
Cell Phone Violations$30090 days
Disorderly Conduct$350180 days
Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (FMFR) Compliance (No Insurance)$375180 or more days
Passing Emergency VehicleN/AN/A
Passing a School BusN/AN/A
Theft$350180 days
Work Zone ViolationN/AN/A