Extensions & Deferred Dispositions

  1. Deferred Disposition
  2. Extension

A plea of guilty or no contest is required. The Municipal Court may, in its sole discretion, defer disposition of your case. This procedure involves your payment of a special expense fee. The Court will defer a finding of guilt or no contest, assess the applicable court cost and order you to comply with certain conditions. You may request this in person, by mail or by email.

If you successfully comply with the terms, your case will be dismissed. Normally, the only condition imposed by the court will be that you receive no additional citations for a period of 90 to 180 days.

If you failed to appear on or before your original court date that was on your citation you may not be eligible for a deferral under the terms that are listed. Please contact the Municipal Court for more Information by calling 409-643-5800.

Form Submittal & Payments

Learn more about submitting Deferred Dispositions, obtain forms, and find out more about making payments after confirmation of your deferral on our Forms page.