100 years of Texas City History

Online Exhibit

This online exhibit was created by the staff of Moore Memorial Public Library over a two-year time period. To develop the articles, staff used print resources from our collection, archives and vertical file (including some materials that were donated to the library by community members), authoritative sources available through the Internet, and materials borrowed through interlibrary loan from other institutions. Our goal was to make the story of Texas City more accessible to its citizens and visitors, as well as to provide documentation of how our local history impacts, and is impacted by, the events and history of the Gulf Coast Region, the State of Texas, the United States and even the world. We were also eager to find a way to share some wonderful, but very fragile, historical resources with the Texas City community and other interested individuals around the world.

A Continuing Archive

We envision this exhibit as a permanent record of the city's history. We hope to update and add new material to it as additional historical information and/or sources come to our attention, and as new historical events unfold. We have designed the exhibit to be a comprehensive overview of Texas City history as well as a photographic scrapbook of life in this community over the last one hundred and twenty years.

Texas City Development

Development of a community rarely proceeds at the same pace throughout its history. Instead it speeds up or slows down as the community interacts with, and is affected by, other communities and world events. This has certainly been true of Texas City, and it is clearly evident in this exhibit. In creating the exhibit, we have become aware that there are periods of time in which our records and archives have few recorded or preserved sources of information. We hope that this exhibit may lead to the discovery, or rediscovery, of historical sources, photographs or documents that might enhance our archives and collections.

Source Materials

We have worked very hard to include only information from documented sources in this exhibit. Bibliographic information about the source materials used to write the articles can be found at the end of each article. If you have questions or comments on this exhibit, or wish to use, reproduce or publish portions of this website, please contact the library.

Photo Gallery

View an album of historical Texas City photos