Websites for Children

Homework Help Websites for Children

  • CIA World Factbook: The CIA World Factbook is a great source for information on individual countries. You can find maps, flags, and other information on countries, such as population, religions, languages, and much more.
  • How Stuff Works: There are videos, pictures, and information on many topics that give you a how to for everything from how to install a sink in the bathroom to the basics of math.
  • iCivics: Games, activities, and resources to help you learn about government.
  • IXL: If you need help with math problems and studying, there are practice problems and other help by grade level (preschool and up).
  • KidsClick!: This is a search engine designed by librarians for kids, so the search results are age-appropriate and helpful.
  • KidsHealth: Everything you'd need to know about staying healthy and safe, plus plenty of other information about the human body.
  • National Geographic Kids: Fascinating facts about animals and people (cultures). There are pictures and videos to help learning.
  • NeoK12: Over a thousand videos, interactive diagrams, quizzes, and games that are kid-friendly and searchable by every topic you can think of, from fossils to statistics.
  • Youngzine: Articles, images, and videos about world news, science, technology, books, and more. Children can write and submit articles, short stories, and book reviews that are reviewed by editors and possibly posted to the website.

Fun Websites for Children

Ages 3 to 6

  • Build Your Wild Self (ages 4 and up): Create a character and then add parts to make yourself a wild creature!
  • Cookie: Educational games designed by experts and educators.
  • Disney Junior: Games are sorted by shows and include bowling, racing, drawing, and more.
  • Nick Jr: Games are sorted by shows and include adventure, art, dress up, spelling, matching, puzzles, and more.
  • PBS Kids: Games are sorted by shows and include science, coloring, music, dress up, coloring, and other learning games (letters, numbers, shapes, and more).
  • Reading Is Fundamental: This early literacy website is where children can read, sing, play, and explore with stories that read to you, games, rhymes, songs, and more.
  • Sesame Street: Coloring, shapes, sounds, letters, numbers, and other learning games, videos, and printable sheets all based around your favorite characters.
  • Seussville: The official home of Dr. Seuss is the place for children to play and learn with Dr. Seuss's books and classic characters.
  • Sid the Science Kid: Watch videos, sing songs, and play games with Sid while you explore easy-to-understand science especially for young children.
  • Starfall: Interactive phonics activities and games for pre-readers and beginning readers.

Age 6 & Older

  • ABCya: Games based on classroom lessons and approved by teachers. They help build computer, language arts, and math skills.
  • Animal Planet: Animal-related games and activities, including a Pet Detective game, Pet Picker quiz, puzzles, and more.
  • Cyberchase: Videos, games and hands-on activities that support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning.
  • Funbrain: Math, puzzles, matching, and other learning games, along with some full-length books you can read directly on the website.
  • National Geographic Kids: Quizzes, puzzles, action games, and plenty of other educational games.
  • Smarty Games: Educational games, including math, reading, telling time, puzzles, and mazes.
  • Up To Ten: Puzzles, races, card games, mazes, and more.
  • Wonderopolis: Encourages kids to be curious and use your imagination to investigate the world around you. There are hundreds of wonders to search through and be inspired to learn more about, such as Do Rabbits Have Good Eyesight? or When is Technology Old?

Age 8 & Older

  • MakeBeliefsComix: Make your very own comics with this online comic maker created by author Bill Zimmerman.
  • NASA Kids Club: This website from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center helps you learn and be inspired about space sciences with games and more.
  • Ology: This website from the American Museum of Natural History gives kids an interactive and fun self-directed museum and learning experience. There are stories, games, and activities on several fascinating topics.
  • Scratch: MIT 's website where kids can make your own interactive stories, games, and animations.
  • Seriously Amazing: Created by the Smithsonian Institution, this website hopes to get you thinking and exploring. There are six sections of the site, each dedicated to a different and fascinating topic. The Wild is all about the animal kingdom; The Green celebrates the Earth; The New is focused on technology and creativity; The Masterpiece is full of art; The Storyteller is all about the stories Americans have to tell; and The Discoverer explores the world and the entire universe.
  • Wonderopolis: From the National Center for Families Learning, Wonderpolis is an award-winning site that poses questions like What started the Great Chicago Fire? and What makes popcorn pop? and then provides the fact-based answer.