Mission & Purpose


Moore Memorial Public Library was created to meet the information needs of the citizens of Texas City. Recognizing the diversity of residents in this community, the library tries to provide a full range of materials in differing formats to its citizens of all ages and backgrounds. The library offers materials that foster inclusion and contribute to cross-cultural understanding, as well as information its patrons need to meet the demands of a changing society at all stages of cultural diversity.


The mission of the library is to create a community of life-long learners in which all citizens share equally in the opportunities to increase skills, knowledge and understanding in all fields, regardless of wealth, race, age or cultural background.


In order to provide the information our citizens need for educational, cultural, informational and entertainment purposes, the library collects, organizes, preserves and makes accessible both print and non-print materials. These materials allow citizens to educate themselves to be life-long learners, keep pace with the progress of technology in all fields of knowledge, and become better members of home and community. The materials help citizens participate fully in political and social organizations, perform their daily occupations and endeavors more proficiently, develop creative and spiritual potentials, appreciate and enjoy the works of our diverse culture, promote social and personal well-being and contribute to the growth of knowledge in all areas.