Emergency Siren System

The Emergency Siren System with 16 sirens alerts the City of Texas City and the City of La Marque to possible dangers. Dangers may be a chemical spill, accidental chemical release, or any industrial emergency incident that might/ or can impact the city.

When the sirens sound, please monitor your phone for information as it becomes available. It is important to make sure that you have signed up to receive emergency notifications on your phone before an emergency happens. To sign up, access our Everbridge Portal or Quick Sign-up Form.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated when the Mayor deems it necessary or a level 3 incident occurs. All necessary stakeholders meet in the EOC to manage the incident to ensure public safety.

Emergency Classification Levels & Responsibilities

There are four levels of incident management and response to industrial accidents that the public should be aware of.

Level I: An incident has occurred and can be controlled by facility personnel. The situation is under control and no action is needed by citizens.

Level II: An incident has occurred but it does not pose a threat and no action is needed by citizens. The Texas City Fire Department is on site and providing assistance.

Level III: An incident has occurred the situation is not under control and protective action may be necessary for the surrounding or offsite area. Additional Industrial Mutual Aid System (IMAS) aid may be needed. The EOC is activated, the Siren warning is given to the Public, and information is relayed via telephone to citizens who have signed up for emergency notifications.

Level IV: An incident has occurred and the situation is not under control. Actions by more than first responders or facility personnel are necessary. An incident involving a severe hazard or a large area which poses an extreme threat to life and property and will probably require an evacuation; or an incident requiring the expertise and resources of the IMAS, neighboring cities, county, state, federal, or private agencies/organizations.

When You Hear the Emergency Sirens

Go indoors; close all windows and doors; turn off the air conditioning. If you have signed up your phone(s) for emergency updates, you will receive notifications as information becomes available.

Know the Siren Signals

  • High - low - high - low - high - low - high - low: Go indoors
  • Single frequency continuous tone: All clear

Regular Siren Tests

In order to ensure sirens are operational, City siren tests are performed every Wednesday at noon. Marathon siren tests take place at 11:15 am and 11:45 am every Wednesday.