Bird Sanctuary

tnc_48459152_4000x2200Due to the location of our city, we are a “resting” or “stopping” place for hundreds of species of migratory birds. After a long flight, they rest in our city for a period of time before reaching their final destination. Our city is special for this reason, as this means we have thousands of birds visiting us from all over the world, some endangered and protected species. All migratory birds are protected by the National Bird Treaty Act, and all birds in Texas City are protected for this reason!! It is unlawful to disturb, molest, injure, or kill any bird within our city limits. It is unlawful to rob a nest of it’s eggs or move a nest within city limits. Photograph all of our beautiful birds, but DO NOT DISTURB THEM IN ANY MANNER!!

Iimagesf you find or see an injured bird, contact our dispatch at 409-643-5720. Our injured and baby birds are transported to the Houston Wildlife Center where they will be treated and rehabilitated, and then released back into our city!!