Office of Professional Standards

The Texas City Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards is committed to identifying misconduct that discredits the organization. We are dedicated to completing thorough and timely investigations in order to ensure that our employees consistently treat all community members fairly, with dignity and respect, in every law enforcement encounter.

Innovative programs such as complaint mediation provide a voice and space for community members to be heard in a safe and neutral environment. Through transparency the Office of Professional Standards strives to enhance public trust and ensure the quality of service to the community we serve.

Cardona (2021_07_11 17_34_41 UTC)

Ralph Cordona

Phone: (409) 643-5733

Born and raised in Texas City, Detective Ralph Cardona has been in Law Enforcement for over 15 years. He has served the Texas City Police Department in many capacities and earned numerous certifications. Some of Detective Cardona's certifications include but are not limited to, Advanced SWAT Operator, SWAT Sniper, Firearms Instructor, and Field Training Officer.

Detective Cardona has also held positions in Narcotics and was selected as one of the lead investigators for Texas City in the county-wide 2021 Operation Washout. Operation Washout was formulated to combat gang violence plaguing Galveston County. Detective Cardona’s current role as a Detective focuses on Financial Crimes, along with computer and electronic forensics. Detective Cardona is actively training with the NCFI (National Computer Forensics Institute) and the United State Secret Service to further his knowledge of Digital Forensics.