Texas City Police Department

1004 9th Ave North
Texas City, TX 77590
Phone: (409) 643-5720

Mission Statement
The mission of the Texas City Police Department is to provide effective means for the prevention of crime and disorder while maintaining a transparent, accountable, and accessible police department.

Rankin L. DeWalt Criminal Justice Center front entrance

Vision Statement
Our vision is to engage our community through relationship-building one handshake at a time.


  1. Deterrence of crime.
  2. Create, maintain, and support a highly productive work environment for assigned personnel.
  3. Develop and maintain positive relationships with the community and other law enforcement agencies.
  4. Maintain high standards to ensure quality customer services are provided.
  5. To ensure changes are appropriately applied to assist in the successful prosecutions of those who violate established state statutes and local city ordinances.


  • The City of Texas City is served by the men and women of the Texas City Police Department. With more than 90 active officers, the force upholds the principles of safety, integrity, and excellence.
  • The Texas City Police Department is proud to have numerous men and women serving on the force who were born and raised in the City they serve. From patrol officers to detectives, many names and faces are familiar to the residents of Texas City.
  • Under the leadership and guidance of Police Chief Joe A. Stanton, and with the support of the mayor and commission of the City, the Texas City Police Department remains poised and capable of handling their duties.